Further, these tokens can be used in trading as per your business goal. ICO Website We have a genius team of ICO development who can prepare the secure cryptocurrency tokens for you in quick times. Our initial coin offering script gives you and the registered users real-time notifications in their mobile application and email. Additionally, they get periodic newsletters on everything new that happens on your platform.

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We follow a unique marketing process to identify the most efficient ways to increase sales for your business. The Dashboard page itself is secured with multiple on-page security features, and all users have to get their KYC verified. Transfer your raised funds directly to your bank account https://globalcloudteam.com/ and manage your money just the way you need to with our ICO/STO dashboard script. Our ICO or STO dashboard script provides you with the latest, most innovative features that dominate the industry. Let’s say that you want to give a certain number of tokens to your investors as bonuses.

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It’s not always easy to keep track of all the transactions you’ve made. That’s why on our ICO dashboard, you can download detailed transaction history reports instantly with just a click. Blockpass provides a compliant fully integrated platform for token offerings, ICO platforms and token resellers. There are several features that distinguish DeFi from traditional exchanges. We help launch startups and Enterprises from scratch and successfully raise funding through the ICO website.

  • ICO Token We have a genius team of ICO development who can prepare the secure cryptocurrency tokens for you in quick times.
  • ICO Website We have a genius team of ICO development who can prepare the secure cryptocurrency tokens for you in quick times.
  • The world of crypto is huge and it’s not always easy to understand everything there is to it.
  • Your investors would expect something comprehensive in return for the money they invest.
  • Easily conduct milestone-based fundraising, set the Hard Cap and Soft Cap , and manage your crowd sale at every stage of your campaign.

Your investors would expect something comprehensive in return for the money they invest. Distribute dividends just as in traditional methods using our ICO/STO dashboard. Monitoring the income and expenses of your company is crucial for maintaining transparency among the shareholders. Get detailed reports on income-expense processes on the ICO/STO dashboard.

We use a transparent, easy to understand and independent code so that any of the developers can work on this code for making any future updates without our technical help. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.

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It doesn’t matter where your investors are from because BlockchainX’s ICO/STO script supports multiple languages, allowing your ICO/STO campaign to dominate markets. Having a flexible payment system is an added advantage for your users. Our ICO/STO Dashboard script supports both Fiat and Crypto payment options.

We also worked for some top cryptocurrencies development influencers. When a user is satisfied by our blueprint, we help them register their company to provide the legal base to work. A fast, friendly, and optimized website can help you gain a larger audience all across the globe and bring exposure to your business. BlockchainX’s ICO/STO script software provides an array of useful features on the admin dashboard. It’s important that your investors are kept in the loop so that they don’t loose interest in your campaign.

Every platform built on our ICO/STO Dashboard Script has a blockchain-based KYC system where every user, including the admin, has to submit their KYC information. Use highly robust and scalable cloud based solutions blended with Brugu’s innovative work approach. Over the last 10 years, we have engineered the latest technology solutions for startups and enterprises by experts. We provide business & technology consulting services to enterprises and organizations looking to supplement their IT requirements. We provide innovative solutions in software development.Our experts are skilled in delivering a more effective product across platforms. We are engaged in providing robust technical expertise on ICO development so that you and your business can grow with optimized capital control and efficient working practices.

Manually verify each KYC submission made on our ICO/STO dashboard script. Have total control over who can participate in your ICO/STO crowd sale, right inside the admin dashboard. Optimized for all kinds of screens and equipped with a highly responsively layout, our ICO/STO dashboard script is the perfect solution for all kinds of crypto projects. Token transfers are a breeze on BlockchainX’s ICO/STO script software.

All they have to do is simply register an account on your platform, open their wallet, and make the purchase. You control everything on your platform and can limit the number of tokens an investor can buy. BlockchainX’s initial coin offering script allows you to create custom smart contracts to govern everything on your crowd sale. Create seamless airdrops, bonus transfers, refunds, and much more with a few simple clicks. Our STO Software is for crypto start-ups looking for a quick and easy way to get into ICO fundraising while not compromising on functionality and security. As a firm looking to make an impact on the world of crypto, your time is of the essence.

You can create a smart contract to transfer tokens automatically to users who meet a certain criterion, for instance, airdrops, and manually using the token transfer feature. Having a brand is crucial in showing the authenticity of your project to your investors. We can customize our STO Script, completely branded for your STO fundraising campaign. We can customize the ICO/STO Dashboard exactly the way you want it, according to what your ICO/STO campaign demands. While giving you high levels of flexibility and practicality, our ICO/STO Dashboard Script provides you with a completely plug-n-play experience to run your successful fundraising campaign. ICO Marketing Through our strategic marketing team, you can edge your success in ICO development field.

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These whitepapers are what customers look for before investing in a new currency and thus play an essential role in the launch. So, our Dashboard includes scripts for all kinds of token standards like ERC20, ERC721, ERC223, etc. All our ICO development services are offered as per the client’s requirements. We work according to your business goals and do not compromise with customer satisfaction at any cost.

Using an initial coin offering script allows you to save a lot of time and money, which you can use to concentrate on growing your project and business. ICO Idea Creation We have an innovative team of ICO idea creation who can prepare your digital tokens as per your requirements within a short period. The cryptocurrency tokens will be tested first before your ICO launch. Many newer investors may be skeptical about investing in crypto projects. Our initial coin offering script helps you overcome this by providing you with an MLM Marketing feature that allows existing investors to refer-in other investors.

BlockchainX’s ICO dashboard script has an integrated wallet system that supports multiple crypto and fiat currencies. BlockchainX’s ICO/STO Dashboard script supports all popular cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, providing your investors with flexible payment options. This opens up your crypto project to a broader hire ico developer global audience and improves your visibility to a great extent. Conduct milestone-based token sales and manage each stage of your campaign seamlessly with our ICO/STO script software. Our ICO/STO dashboard script provides you with the best dashboard features to successfully run your fundraising campaign.


Yes, we will create a customized STO Landing page for you according to your requirements. Your platform built on BlockchainX’s ICO/STO script can be accessed on any web browser. This opens up your campaign to a larger audience on a variety of divices worldwide. Maintain an open line of communication between your company and the financial community by strategically integrating finance, marketing, communication, and securities law compliance.

This means that your investors can buy your tokens using Fiat and Cryptocurrencies, seamlessly. The referral system in our ICO/STO script software allows your existing investors to refer-in other people, and they get crypto tokens as referral bonuses directly to their wallet. This little revelation led us to create the most efficient and plug-n-play STO Script Software that has ever existed. ICO’s have changed the game for budding crypto start-ups, looking to create innovative blockchain and crypto-based projects. But now, with BlockchainX’s ICO Dashboard Script, you can easily create and run a successful campaign to fund your revolutionary blockchain projects. We offers robust and scalable web application development services across various industries with help of our dynamic development team.

Our expert team of developers and managers will help convert your idea into a real-life modal that is well suited for the world. You have dived into the world of crypto, so it’s only fair that your investors also get the flexibility to make payments in cryptocurrencies. With our ICO/STO script software, you can let your user do exactly that.

Easily conduct milestone-based fundraising, set the Hard Cap and Soft Cap , and manage your crowd sale at every stage of your campaign. You’ll find everything you need readily available on your dashboard created using our ICO/STO Script Software. Brugu develops an innovative blockchain technology solutions to meet demanding requirements of startups and enterprises.

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With the help of smart contracts implemented in the system, this automates the process, and all data of transactions are stored in the blockchain. With our dedicated team of advertisers, we help you make the best tools and platforms to spread the word. The various advertising medium used help you develop a rapport with the customers or future investors and help you raise money for the cryptocurrency. The first and foremost stage, to begin with, is the picture, the thought of creating a cryptocurrency, and how it would work in the present scenario.

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Coin Launches keeps you updated on the latest coins launching in the market. Blockpass has a strong ecosystem of partners contributing to a powerful integrated ICO platform. What’s more, you’ll gain access to the Blockpass ecosystem of pre-verified users, and promotional support to get the most out of your ICO. Development as well as modern technology Custom Application Development and Management Services.

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SARA Technologies also offer ICO marketing solutions which create traffic, leads and increase your capital in quick times. SARA Technologies as ICO token development company offers full-service ICO solutions which is quick, secure and reliable as per your business requirements. It is a new phenomenon that has quickly become a supreme topic of discussion within the blockchain community. In an Initial Coin Offering, the digital token has organic benefits like – it permits the owner access to a service, a say in an outcome or a share in the project’s earnings.

Get custom notifications on everything that happens in your ICO/STO campaign. Manage your notifications and how you want to receive them, right inside your admin dashboard panel. We provides big data analytics services to help enterprises integrate and bring together large volumes of data. Exemplary track record of delivering highly stable and quality focused software, web and mobile applications across different market verticals. Blockchain technology is an encourage substantial trust and contribution across the global retail industry with real-time, universal insights into products and processes.

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Nothing is secured in the Internet world, but our team tried best to develop unique security code and deal in security threats so that you can work flawlessly. We know how to deal with such issues and offer you complete peace of mind. The costs involved would depend on your specific project and on what scale it is. You can contact us anytime and our experts will guide you through the entire process, including the costs.

Before marketing, we do an in-depth analysis of the market trends and bring you in front of the potential buyers interested in ICO launch. We have helped businesses and companies achieve their goals with our effective marketing and management. Our team of developers creates the coin as per your desired requirements. A successful ICO/STO token sale requires the right set of tools for creating, launching, and managing your fundraising campaign, which is exactly what you get on our ICO/STO script. Additionally, we have included multiple security and marketing features for seamless ICO/STO campaign management.

Let your shareholders vote and seamlessly connect the whole process using smart contracts. These smart contracts carry out the given task instantly when the required members have voted. Unlike traditional IPOs or Initial Public Offerings, Security Token Offerings can act as a flexible and comparatively cheaper alternative to be held in traditional exchanges. Furthermore, since ICOs cannot be held in traditional exchanges, STOs can be the perfect funding source for small to medium-sized businesses.

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