This was solely to cover up as many holes as possible that were left from removing the existing wire shelving. 2×4 Pine Stud – This https://remotemode.net/ will be used as the support for the floating butcher block desk. The amount you will need depends on how large your desk is.

Install the drawers by lining up the slides and pushing them in.Photo 11 shows a tip for aligning the drawer fronts. Back from the countertop edging and drive the screws. The center dividers will have drawer slides on both sides.

Build the Drawers

“To bring in the character of my space, I chose gold as an accessory accent color and gray because that’s the color scheme in my home,” she explains. Make sure your closet is deep enough to handle this task. Lots of closets are only slightly deeper than the width of a hanger. Take your binders, printer and scanner and place them on the closet floor and shut the door to make sure the shelves you install will accommodate them. Also, figure out if your space is large enough to accommodate file cabinets; if so, make sure you install the desktop high enough so that you can slide them underneath.

Can I turn my walk in closet into an office?

Since not everyone has enough rooms or empty closets, a great option is to combine the walk-in closet and office space. With some creativity and planning, these walk-in closet offices can be transformed into a functional and productive private working space.

Washington, D.C.-based Realtor John Coleman often works with clients who are short on space and eager to maximize every inch of their homes. He explains that this can show flexibility in a space. If you go to sell, will your customized closet hack resonate with prospective buyers? Or are you better off with the extra closet? Five real estate agents shared their opinions on the matter and, surprisingly, the answer isn’t exactly an open-and-shut case. The past two years have seen countless clever closet hacks.

Use the Side Space

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, figure out all the things you’ll need and make a list. Do you want to paint the inside of the closet? Figuring out basic design elements, colors you’ll want to use, and so on will make it easier to find the parts you’ll need down the line. If you have convert closet to office a closet, large or small—or even just most of one—here’s how you can convert that closet to the office space you’ve been dreaming of. Sure, it would be great to have anything and everything you want in your home office. After all, there’s nothing wrong with having a beautifully furnished office.

Is 5 feet wide enough for walk-in closet?

The minimum walk-in closet dimension is 5 feet. This provides enough space for you to get ready and have room for drawers, shoe storage, open shelving, and hanging rods.

Yes, if you build your closet office with free-standing pieces instead of built-ins, you can take it to each new home. Balance a wood work top on two file cabinets, or roll in a small student desk. Hang wire baskets on the walls instead of installing shelves, or use plank-and-bracket shelving that’s easy to take apart and pack when you move. Cloffices don’t just have to be for adults, either. They provide plenty of space for a computer and homework without having to put a full-sized desk in the room.

How to get the most from your Design Consultation

Depending on the kind of cloffice you opt for, it can also become a part of your room’s decor. Don’t want to spend too much on decor accents for your cloffice space?

  • The black and white hue shines and transforms a utilitarian work from home space into an eye-catching nook.
  • To start your paneling, you will want to hang all horizontal boards first.
  • The common thread running through all these variations is, simply put, good design.
  • There are many reasons for this; from the fact that Americans are downsizing their homes to the growing ubiquity of remote work.
  • This is more than enough to hold up a laptop or monitor and a few other items.

Stud Finder – This will be used to find the studs to attach the desk supports to. How to Clean a Grill Cooking over open flames may be a chef’s delight, but now it’s time to clean your grill. Read on to learn how to properly clean and maintain your gas or charcoal grill. Want design ideas and inspiration delivered directly to your inbox?

Share a Closet to Make Everyone Happy

Just because your office is in a closet doesn’t mean you have to skimp on stylish touches like sconces, shiplap, and an area rug. In fact, blogger Ashley Smith was able to incorporate all three of these elements and tucked away a filing cabinet, because #practicality. Whatever you do, don’t forget to utilize your walls. They’re your best asset in a tiny workspace. Closets aren’t known for being bright, naturally lit, or sun-drenched.

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